Specialty Programs

Setting the Standard for Success.

Since 1939, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance has provided insurance for hundreds of amusement organizations and, today, continues to set the standard for the specialty insurance sector. Since then, we’ve developed specialty programs for a variety of niches throughout the amusement industry that were the catalyst for agency expansion. These have all been designed with specific attention to the stability of the insurance carriers and the relevance of risk management tailored to industry needs.

Today, we’re known as one of the largest brokers in the nation to the family entertainment industry. Our program is extremely stable. We’ve had long-term relationships with our carrier partners, and we’ve had clients that have been in our program for multiple generations. We write coverage in all 50 states and Canada, including coverage specially designed to meet each client’s needs. We’ve become a standard bearer within the brokerage industry for the introduction and implementation of innovative specialty insurance programs.

Our agency manages all functions for the insurance companies and programs we represent. From program design and underwriting to the claims and risk management departments, everything is conducted in-house, giving us a quick and efficient edge. Our industry specialists truly understand program management and are dedicated to long-term client relationships.

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