Our Community

kansas-cityKansas City, Our Home Base

Metropolitan Kansas City has always been our home. Originally headquartered in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance moved to a stand-alone building just outside the main business district at 31st and Broadway in 1955. In past years we had branch offices in St. Louis, Missouri; St. Petersburg, Florida; New York, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Birmingham, Alabama; and Encino, California. Since 1983 our corporate office has been located at 4300 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway, Kansas.

Along with being located in Kansas City comes a Midwest work ethic. It is ingrained in our culture, as are the cultures of the niche areas we serve. That work ethic and our “can do” philosophy set Haas & Wilkerson Insurance apart from competitors and allow us to find solutions to almost any situation and get the job done for our clients.

In addition to work ethic, we have a strong desire to give back to both our local and national community. As a result, Haas & Wilkerson Insurance and its employees participate in and donate to a wide variety of community service projects.